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Overview of the CMS Technical Design Report for the Pixel and HCAL Detector Upgrades Draft

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The CMS collaboration has prepared Technical Design Reports (TDRs) for the Pixel [1] and HCAL [2] upgrade projects. This document summarizes the motivation and the technical scope for these upgrades, with more detail provided in the TDRs themselves. R&D and design studies for the projects are well advanced and we are preparing to start production fabrication in 2013.

The CMS experiment was originally designed to operate at an instantaneous luminosity up to 1x10^34 cm^-2s^-1 with 25 ns bunch spacing. Under these conditions, the experiment will experience an average of about 25 inelastic interactions per bunch crossing (event pile-up). With the excellent performance of the LHC to date and the upgrades planned for the accelerator complex, we expect the luminosity and pile-up to significantly exceed these values in the period following the next long shutdown. With the discovery of a new boson at approximately 125 GeV mass, we look forward to an exciting and challenging physics program through the next decade. The goal of the CMS upgrade program, and the projects described here, is to provide excellent detector performance under the more severe pile-up conditions, which is crucial to support the full and rich physics program foreseen.