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1st Trial at "Mini-Masterclasses" based on CMS data analysis - for high school students

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The IPPOG International Masterclasses is a mature educational program that takes place in February/March every year in numerous countries around the world. High school students come to a nearby institute for a day to have a couple of lectures, a tour around the department/facility and a hands-on data analysis exercise (computer-based), finishing with a discussion of the results via video conference.

The feasibility of "mini-masterclasses" was trialled on 21st/22nd February at two high schools in the UK. The idea is for a physicist to visit a school and, in ~3 hours, give an introduction to CERN/HEP/CMS etc. followed by a quick hands-on data analysis.

The documents here outline what was done, what seemed to work, what didn't, what could be improved etc.
The eventual aim is to develop a multi-lingual "package" for CMS collaborators around the world to exploit in local high schools.

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