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HCAL Look-Up Table (LUT) Test for HCAL Barrel (HB)

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Richard Kellogg
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Richard Kellogg
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17 Jan 2011, 14:55
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Calculates the Trigger Primitives (TPs) as they propagate through the system for HCAL Barrel (HB). Each row of the spreadsheet corresponds to a QIE value. The columns are as follows:

qie: the QIE value (0-127)
adc2fC-lut: conversion from QIE to fC (taken from the database for this channel)
adc2fC-db: conversion from QIE to fC (taken from the database for this channel) - non-truncated
in_111: input, or linearization LUT (taken from the database for this channel)
TPsig: the output of the linearization LUT (numerically equal to the LUT, since the QIE values are 0-127)
comp: the compression LUT (this is universal for all HBHE channels)
TPhcal: calculated HCAL TP at the output of the compression LUTs - as transmitted via SLB to RCT
decomp: the decompression LUT in RCT
TPrct: the TP within RCT - at the output of the RCT decompresion LUT
EThcal: calculated ET (GeV) in HCAL = (adc2fC - 2.43) * 0.22462 * 1.2 (note presence of rcalib factor)
ETreco: expected ET (GeV) in HCAL = (adc2fC - 2.43) * 0.22462 * 1.038 / 0.97 (accounting for the inf-TS/2-TS pulse containment factor)
ETrct: 4 * TPrct, following the design LSB of 0.25 GeV (ET) per count
rct-reco: difference: ETrct - ETreco (note: a few discrepancies larger than the expected truncation error of 0.25)
rct/reco ratio: ETrct / ETreco
TPrct/TPsig: this ratio isolates the effect of the HCAL compression and RCT decompression LUTs - simply a scaling by a factor of 0.7 (0.177/0.250)

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