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Quartz fiber (QF) lengths: Forward HCAL (HF) cable and QF length vs phase measurements

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17 Jan 2011, 13:47
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Attached is the fiber length information. Â It is derived from a spreadsheet I got from the Hungarians describing the fiber bundle production (Sept. 2002). Each ferrule consists of several different lengths of fibers to compensate for variations in the distance from ferrule to absorber as a function of eta(radius). the lengths and number of fibers that make up each "sub_bundle" are listed. Â Note that the number of fibers is the number of fibers in the fiber ferrules which includes spares and LASER/LED fibers, in addition to the fibers in the absorber. Â I checked the lengths against original estimates I made from a HF mock up and CAD models and they appear to be consistent.
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