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Design and Testing of a radiation tolerant Clock, Control and Monitor (CCM) Module For the CMS HCAL Electronics

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Scott Holm
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11 Jan 2011, 16:43
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A Clock, Control and Monitoring (CCM) Module is being designed for the Hadron Calorimeter subsystem of the CMS Detector. The CMS detector has been designed to detect cleanly the diverse signatures of new physics at the Large Hadron Collider.
This CCM module will be responsible for low skew clock and beam crossing marker distribution, monitoring of voltages and temperatures and as the interface between the main control system and the Front End Modules. The CCM module will reside in the HCAL Readout Box that will be mounted on the HCAL detector. Due to this physical location the CCM module will need to work within a radiation environment with minimal access over a ten-year period. The electronics are expected to see a total neutron fluence of 1.3x1011 n/cm2 and a total ionizing dose of 330 rads over the 10 year running period. This paper will detail the design of the CCM Module including the selecting and testing of devices that will operate within the radiation field.
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