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HCAL Clock, Control, and Monitor (CCM) Version 4 Assembly Board 4

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11 Jan 2011, 14:36
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CCM V4 unit is made up of four printed circuit boards, the 4 boards attach to each other with Board-Board connectors.
Individual PCB dimensions 4.724"x 3.484", panelized will be ~ 11.5" x 6.5".
Quantity is 144 boards of each for assembly(Board 1,3,4,5).
Boards will be panelized so that there is one of each of the four boards in a panel.
The panels will be laid out so that the 48 pin through hole connectors are on the outside of the panel. 1" Rails will be along edges that have connectors on them.
All boards and components are supplied by Fermi Lab.
The bottom side of the boards have SMT resistors and capacitors along with through hole and smt connectors.
All Assembled boards must be optically inspected with OMRON VT-WIN I, OMRON VT-WIN II optical inspection equipment.
Board 5 has 1 BGA - the assembly of which must be inspected using x-ray equipment.
All boards should be assembled with water soluble flux, and boards should be thoroughly cleaned of assembly residue.