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These documents describe which files should be entered into CMS DocDB, and how they could be stored. There are also some helpful tips for users on how to create documents and what should be entered into the various fields on the "Add document" page. Included also are instructions on how to link to a document and how to upload multiple files in one go.

For more information see the "help" tab or email an administrator and for help on retrieving files stored in DocDB see "Advanced Users and XML" in the help pages.

Finally - we welcome your feedback so please feel free to contact us regarding any issues you find

Some useful definitions so that these explanations make sense:

In DocDB a "document" refers to the entry in DocDB that contains various files and metadata relating to those files (Title, Abstract, Author etc)

"file" refers to what is actually being stored on DocDB - these can be in various forms including (but not limited to) .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls, production/manufacturing files etc

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