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JIRA tutorial for CMS ECAL

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The CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter (ECAL) has been operational throughout LHC running and is very stable. However, there are occasions when pieces of hardware fail, or subtle firmware/software bugs appear etc. There is also the need to follow software developments, updating software installations as necessary. These interventions, on any part of the ECAL system, require tracking in order to keep an archive of what was done (and when, by whom, why etc.) as well as to help debug future similar issues through the lifetime of the ECAL (10-20 years).
The commercial product “JIRA” has been selected for tracking ECAL bugs, interventions etc. as it is flexible, easily configurable to our requirements and has some support at CERN (it is used by the LHC Operations group – more than 80 software developers – for all of their software development), including a site-wide license.
This document aims at giving a brief introduction to the use of JIRA for the CMS ECAL group. The term “issue” in all that follows refers to any “problem”, “upgrade”, “bug-fix” etc. – a generic term for any intervention on the CMS ECAL.
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