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American National Standard for VITA VME64
The VME64 specification establishes a framework for 8-, 16-, 32, and 64-bit parallel-bus computer architectures that can implement single and multiprocessor systems. It is based on the VMEbus specification released by the VMEbus Manufacturers Group (now VITA) in August of 1982. This bus includes the initial four basic subbuses: (1) data transfer bus, (2) priority
interrupt bus, (3) arbitration bus, and (4) utility bus. Other architectures with other subbuses are possible within this VME framework.

American National Standard for VITA VME64 Extensions
This standard is an extension of the ANSI/VITA 1-1994, VME64 Standard. It defines a set of features that can be added to VME and VME64 boards, backplanes and subracks. These features include a 160 pin connector, a P0 connector, geographical addressing, voltages pins for 3.3V, a test and maintenance bus, and EMI, ESD, and front panel keying per IEEE 1101.10.

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