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Readout System of the CMS Pixel Detector

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It is a huge task to readout the CMS Pixel detector which has 66 million channels in the LHC environment. Many features are employed to ensure fast, low-noise, and robust communication throughout every stages of the readout chain. There are 2 main streams of communication. First the Data stream, FED accepts pixel data in forms of 6 level analog signal which contain pixel address and collected charge information. The digitized data are sent to the DAQ system through S-Link. Secondly the Control stream, the Pixel FEC (PixFEC) supplies clock and trigger information and provide data path for configuration settings to pixels via fast I2C bus. The Tracker FEC (TrkFEC) communicates with CCU for slow control, monitoring and timing distribution and also provides settings to the DOH, AOH and reads the DCU via slow I2C bus.
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