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Phase I, Calibration Module Adapter Card Rev 2.0

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Russell D. Taylor
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Tullio Grassi
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28 Oct 2015, 19:59
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18 Mar 2016, 17:33
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30 Jun 2022, 16:58
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28 Oct 2015, 19:59
Design Documentation for the HE Phase I Calibration Module (CMS doc 12746) adapter card.
The adapter card connects the QIE11 channel ASICs to the pin diodes within the Calibration Module located in slot J11 and J12 in the RBXs.
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Rev2 connects to PIN Diode PCB Rev3 (CMS doc 12743) and includes connections for both PIN Diode Sig and Ref signals.
Mount to the component side of QIE11 with text aligned. Back side will also fit but function is not verified.
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