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Magnet Quench Scenario

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Michael Lamm
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Erik E Gottschalk
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24 May 2005, 11:48
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23 Jun 2005, 15:43
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20 Jul 2005, 05:13
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23 Jun 2005, 11:56
16 Jun 2005, 17:32
This is a scenario for an application of a Remote Operations for the LHC
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Hopefully is 'final' version as of 6/16/05.

6/16/05 (Erik) - included the date (6/16/05) in the scenario table.

6/23/05 first pass at requirements
6/23/05 I have include requirements similar to CCC, adapted from Scenario 128
7/12/05 change name of scenario to "Magnet Quench Scenario"

Associated with Events:
LHC@FNAL Requirements Review held on 21 Jul 2005 in Black Hole (WH-2NW)