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Interposer test board for CERN FEASTMP or AMIS5Mod DC/DC modules

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Stephen Goadhouse
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Stephen Goadhouse
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24 Jan 2014, 01:32
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28 Jan 2014, 23:14
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11 Jan 2018, 22:04
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27 Jan 2014, 10:12
Test fixture PCB for FEASTMP converters.

During board-level verification on the ngCCM HF board, a convenient way was needed to measure the main voltages and more importantly currents. Since 3 of 4 local DC power supplies are the CERN designed AMIS5 DC/DC modules which plug into the board, an interposer board was designed that can sit between the main board and the DC/DC module. This interposer board has current sense resistors along with convenient test points to make measurement and monitoring of board current, voltage and power easy. The attached files in this document contain design information for these interposer boards that were designed by Stephen Goadhouse and Thomas Anderson of the University of Virginia.

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added photos of the first assembled board with a DC/DC converter module affixed atop it.
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