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PACE II PhD Thesis

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20 Nov 2012, 16:22
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The work presented in this thesis describes the design and development of the
front-end electronics for the CMS Preshower detector intended for use in the LHC
experiment at the CERN laboratory for particle physics. The detector requires dedicated analog signal processing of charge deposited in ∼ 137600 silicon sensor elements
by traversing charged particles at regular time intervals of 25 ns. The electronics must
measure the charge to within 5% accuracy over a wide dynamic range and operate
within a harsh radiation environment. Microelectronic ASIC design allows dedicated
electronics to be located directly next to the silicon sensors in order to reduce huge
quantities of information produced to manageable levels. The front-end ASIC design
for the CMS Preshower experiment is called PACE (Preshower Analog Cms Electronics) and forms the subject of this thesis.
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