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Fermilab's core color is NAL blue, developed for Fermilab in the 1970s by the RustoleumŽ paint company. NAL blue, Fermilab's core color, should be the main color for:

  • Two-color applications with black ink on white paper.
  • Logo/Mark treatments when a color besides black is desirable.
  • Primary communications from the lab Directorate.
  • Primary communications the Office of Public Affairs.
  • Multicolor treatments in all media that communicate a core Fermilab message.

Fermilab's recommended color palette is derived from the original selections of Robert Wilson and Angela Gonzales. For ease of use across various media, these colors have been translated to their nearest Pantone Matching System (PMS) equivalents, as well as CMYK (for process color printing) and RGB (for screen-only applications) values.

NAL Blue

Color palette

Possible color combinations

Final selection of colors remains the responsibility of the designer and must be led by the objectives of the project.

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