Minutes of FPix DCS meeting on 4/11/06


Fermilab SiDet Conference Room


3/28/06 9:30 AM


Lucien Cremaldi, Frank Hartman, Umesh Joshi, Simon Kwan, David Sanders, Ping Tan, JC Yun


We discussed how to handle the offline database.   Frank said the Tracker is not considering store any CAEN high voltage information during a run other than the Status information.  He said his experience with CDF silicon system backs this.  Voltages and currents of Tracker channels will stored in the offline database at the beginning and end of a run.  FPix group did not make any decisions on this yet.


Lucien produced a table showing temperature drops when there is an air gap exist when de-lamination happens.  Please look into his table, DocDB #892, which is calledThermal drop model for FPix blades’.  https://docdb.fnal.gov/CMS-private/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=892. Simon promised to  provide updated input values so Lucien can update his table.


Simon said there is a document on humidity sensor measurement before and after the irradiation.  He asked the DCS group to study and report the results. This is DocDB # 449  which is titled ‘HMX2000 Calibration Data’. https://docdb.fnal.gov/CMS-private/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=449