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CMS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2333-v5 CMS FPIX Upgrade Cooling Specifications Richard L. Schmitt Cooling System
05 Feb 2010
2355-v2 Proposed Pixel Chiller Modifications Charles Newsom Cooling System
16 Dec 2008
2201-v1 Pixel cooling flow test results Kevin Stenson Cooling System
03 Jul 2008
1724-v1 FPIX cooling plant schematic sample Non-Pixel Author Cooling System
29 May 2007
1512-v1 Bpix placement of temperature sensors Danek Kotlinski Cooling System
30 Jan 2007
1349-v1 Lab C 1/2 cylinder fluorocarbon cooling system draft plan Terry Tope Cooling System
27 Nov 2006

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