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CMS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2233-v1 LHC@FNAL Photos Erik E Gottschalk Technical
31 Jul 2008
1670-v11 LHC@FNAL Status Report Bill Badgett et al. Workgroup: Outreach
Workgroup: FESS
CMS detector
Workgroup: LHC
Workgroup: CMS
03 Nov 2007
1936-v1 LHC@FNAL Briefing Document Erik E Gottschalk Accelerator
CMS detector
02 Nov 2007
1273-v2 LHC@FNAL Construction Photos Fred Ullrich Technical
23 Oct 2007
1686-v2 Remote Operations for LHC and CMS Erik E Gottschalk Accelerator
CMS detector
10 May 2007
964-v1 Proposed Network Configuration for LHC@FNAL Non-CMS Author Technical
22 Apr 2007
1528-v1 LHC@FNAL Logos Fred Ullrich Technical
10 Feb 2007
1487-v1 EWG Status Erik E Gottschalk Workgroup: FESS
18 Jan 2007
1414-v1 Console and Hardware Status Erik E Gottschalk Technical
30 Nov 2006
1274-v1 LHCFNAL Video Matrix Switch layout Erik E Gottschalk Technical
14 Sep 2006
1272-v3 LHC@FNAL Update presented at LARP Meeting Erik E Gottschalk Organization
13 Sep 2006
839-v1 3D Renderings of LHC@FNAL Erik E Gottschalk Workgroup: FESS
23 Aug 2006
1134-v4 LHC@FNAL Specifications for Computing Erik E Gottschalk Cost & Schedule
18 Aug 2006
1098-v1 System Management Elliott McCrory Technical
06 Jul 2006
1057-v15 EPAC06 paper and poster on LHC@FNAL Kurt Biery et al. Scenarios
CMS detector
21 Jun 2006
934-v1 Shared Display Wall Based Collaboration Environment in the Control Room of the DIII-D National Fusion Facility Non-CMS Author Technical
26 Apr 2006
883-v1 CMS Page 1 - presented by Steve Murray at March, 2006 CMS Week Non-Pixel Author CMS detector
08 Apr 2006
847-v1 Power needs for LHC@FNAL Erik E Gottschalk Technical
27 Mar 2006
844-v1 MonALISA: MONitoring Agents using a Large Integrated Services Architecture Iosif Legrand Technical
23 Mar 2006
843-v1 LHC@FNAL Upgrade Steve Dixon Technical
23 Mar 2006
535-v1 Status of the use of Large-Scale CORBA-Distributed Software Framework for NIF Controls Non-CMS Author Technical
02 Nov 2005
534-v1 Shot Automation for the National Ignition Facility NIF Non-CMS Author Technical
02 Nov 2005
533-v1 Status of the National Ignition Facility and Control System Non-CMS Author Technical
02 Nov 2005
211-v1 Jerky Pictures and Sounds are History Erik E Gottschalk Technical
17 Jun 2005

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