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CMS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1057-v15 EPAC06 paper and poster on LHC@FNAL Kurt Biery et al. Scenarios
CMS detector
21 Jun 2006
165-v46 LHC@FNAL Requirements Document Erik E Gottschalk et al. Requirements
24 Mar 2006
639-v2 LHC@FNAL Requirements for Remote Operations Erik E Gottschalk Requirements
21 Dec 2005
629-v1 Draft resolutions for incomplete items in the requirements document Jean Slaughter Requirements
15 Dec 2005
368-v1 Report from the July 21, 2005 Review Non-CMS Author et al. Requirements
23 Aug 2005
304-v4 LHC Accelerator Requirements Elvin Harms Requirements
21 Jul 2005
307-v1 Executive Session Erik E Gottschalk Requirements
21 Jul 2005
306-v2 LHC@FNAL: Requirements for CMS Patty McBride Requirements
20 Jul 2005
303-v2 Introduction to LHC@FNAL Erik E Gottschalk Requirements
20 Jul 2005
271-v1 Accellerator Group Status Suzanne Panacek Requirements
30 Jun 2005
272-v1 News from CERN Erik E Gottschalk Requirements
30 Jun 2005
268-v1 Committee News Erik E Gottschalk Requirements
30 Jun 2005
207-v2 Scenarios to Requirements Suzanne Panacek Requirements
17 Jun 2005
208-v4 Committee News and Requirements Document Erik E Gottschalk Requirements
16 Jun 2005
195-v1 Committee News and Requirements Erik E Gottschalk Organization
08 Jun 2005
169-v2 Writing Requirements Erik E Gottschalk Requirements
02 Jun 2005
127-v1 Report of the LHC Computing Grid Project (RTAG 12: Collaborative Tools) Non-CMS Author Requirements
24 May 2005
82-v1 Remote Operations Stakeholders Suzanne Panacek Requirements
13 May 2005
84-v1 Subgroups and Scenarios Erik E Gottschalk Requirements
12 May 2005

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