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4802-v4 Versatile TransReceiver (VTRx) and Twin-Transmitter (VTTx) modules. Various Authors Common Electronics
HCAL Upgrades
Research and Development
HCAL Phase I Upgrades
20 Dec 2021
13949-v1 CMS Upgrade Coordination Organigram Tommaso Boccali et al. Upgrades
Management and Planning
Upgrades - Phase 2
17 Jan 2020
13585-v1 Run-2 Pixel Luminosity Telescope Refurbishment Planning - Readout Components Stefan M Spanier et al. Upgrades
16 Aug 2018
6473-v1 SketchUp Drawings of the Phase 1 pixel detector alongside the current pixel detector Tai Sakuma Upgrades
Computing, Software, and Physics
10 Jul 2018
11899-v9 CERN FEASTMP DC-DC converters Various Authors Research and Development
HCAL Phase I Upgrades
26 Jan 2018
12233-v1 LHC4913 positive voltage regulator Various Authors Upgrades
01 Dec 2016
3044-v26 CMS Bulletin Paraskevas Sphicas Upgrades
Official Documents
Information Systems
Technical and Run Coordination
Communications Infrastructure
CMS Management
Outreach and Education
Communications Group
Trigger and DAQ
18 Jun 2016
12941-v1 Charge for CMS Phase II Upgrades Comprehensive Reviews Austin Ball et al. Upgrades
Management and Planning
Upgrades - Phase 2
07 Apr 2016
12725-v1 CMS Membership Andrzej Charkiewicz et al. Upgrades
CMS Management
Admin tags (DocDB)
12 Oct 2015
5691-v3 Studies of 8b10b for GBTX ASIC Stephen Goadhouse et al. Research and Development
17 Jun 2014
3857-v3 GBTX specifications Various Authors Upgrades
HCAL Phase I Upgrades
11 May 2014
5946-v8 GBTX LTB Tullio Grassi General Technical Information
18 Apr 2014
12141-v1 ECFA High Luminosity LHC Experiments Workshop report Didier Contardo Upgrades
21 Nov 2013
11806-v2 Images for US LHC CMS Detector Upgrade Project Thomas McCauley Upgrades
CD-1 Meetings
CD-1 Review
US Upgrades - Phase 1
13 Aug 2013
11984-v1 CMS GE1/1 organigram Archana Sharma Upgrades
CMS Management
30 Jul 2013
11657-v4 CMS TECHNICAL DESIGN REPORT FOR THE LEVEL-1 TRIGGER UPGRADE Darin Acosta et al. Upgrades Technical Proposal
L1 Trigger Upgrades
L1 Trigger
06 May 2013
11557-v1 US-CMS Upgrades Project -- Powerpoint Slides Template Lucas Taylor Upgrades
CD-1 Review
US Upgrades - Phase 1
27 Nov 2012
11544-v1 US DOE Guidelines for CD1 Project Review USA DOE CD-1 Review
US Upgrades - Phase 1
Review Documents
21 Nov 2012
5195-v1 U.S. CMS Operations Program Management Plan Joel Butler et al. Computing, Software, and Physics
06 Nov 2012
6471-v6 Overview of the CMS Technical Design Report for the Pixel and HCAL Detector Upgrades Draft Didier Contardo et al. Upgrades
LHCC Reports / Reviews
31 Aug 2012
3786-v2 CMS Upgrade Project Organigram Didier Contardo et al. Upgrades
02 Mar 2012
2717-v15 Phase 1 Upgrade Technical Proposal Joel Butler Upgrades
Upgrades Technical Proposal
03 Jun 2011
4801-v1 Specifications for Small Form Factor Pluggable Module SFP+ Various Authors Upgrades
HCAL Upgrades
16 May 2011

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