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CMS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
13915-v1 US CMS Operations Program Risk Management Plan Lothar Bauerdick et al. US Operations Program
16 Oct 2019
13251-v9 Overview slide of CE with main parameters David Barney HGCAL General
09 Oct 2019
2597-v81 CMS Management Board Organigram Zsuzsanna Garai Publications Committee
Collaboration Board
CMS Management
Conference Committee
Management Board
Official Documents
Finance Board
07 Oct 2019
3798-v13 CMS Physics Organigram Wolfgang Adam et al. Physics
04 Oct 2019
3046-v146 CMS Calendar -- current calendar plus previous versions Dawn Alison Hudson Technical and Run Coordination
CMS Management
TC Planning
Official Documents
03 Oct 2019
12306-v20 HCAL uHTR Specifications and Operational Documentation Jeremiah Michael Mans HCAL Phase I Upgrades
HCAL Electronics
03 Oct 2019

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