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3046-v135 CMS Calendar -- current calendar plus previous versions Dawn Alison Hudson Technical and Run Coordination
CMS Management
TC Planning
Official Documents
07 Dec 2018
13634-v1 Pictures for Updates on CMS Public website Marzena Lapka Outreach and Education
Images for Outreach
06 Dec 2018
13096-v32 HB/HE ngCCM Production 2016/2017/2018 Alberto Belloni et al. HCAL Phase I Upgrades
05 Dec 2018
13424-v4 Derived datasets from the H to 4l example analysis using CMS public data Thomas McCauley Communications Group
03 Dec 2018
13659-v2 Datasets for the WZH 2019 masterclass Thomas McCauley Outreach and Education
Communications Group
03 Dec 2018
5748-v3 Photographs for CMS Communications Group page on CMS Website Achintya Rao Communications Group
03 Dec 2018
13489-v2 HB phase-I production Calib Module, Pulser PCB Stephen Corkill HCAL Phase I Upgrades
HCAL Electronics
28 Nov 2018
12972-v23 US CMS HL-LHC -- Project CD-1 Dashboard Lucas Taylor Cost, Schedule, Risk
US HL-LHC Upgrades
16 Jan 2017

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