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2597-v74 CMS Management Board Organigram Zsuzsanna Garai Publications Committee
Collaboration Board
CMS Management
Conference Committee
Management Board
Official Documents
Finance Board
11 Oct 2018
13659-v1 Datasets for the WZH 2019 masterclass Thomas McCauley Outreach and Education
Communications Group
11 Oct 2018
12192-v3 HF upgrade data fibers Tullio Grassi et al. HF 2012
HCAL Upgrades
17 Jun 2014
13096-v29 HB/HE ngCCM Production 2016/2017/2018 Stephen Goadhouse HCAL Phase I Upgrades
08 Oct 2018
12889-v3 igloo2 remote programming Various Authors HCAL Phase I Upgrades
28 Sep 2018
3798-v11 CMS Physics Organigram Wolfgang Adam et al. Physics
26 Sep 2018
3806-v9 CMS MUON Drift Tubes (DT) Organigram (drupal) Cristina Fernandez Bedoya Muon Drift Tubes (DT)
25 Sep 2018
13634-v1 Pictures for Updates on CMS Public website Marzena Lapka Outreach and Education
Images for Outreach
25 Sep 2018

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