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Christian Veelken of University of California, Davis is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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CMS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2013-v13 Pixel DSS/DCS Schedule and Milestones Danek Kotlinski et al. Controls
24 Feb 2009
1062-v28 Pixel FSM Tree Design Christian Veelken Controls
26 Nov 2008
2167-v14 Pixel PLC Code Review - Responses Christian Veelken Controls
22 Jun 2008
1136-v14 Siemens S7 Racks Christian Veelken Controls
02 Apr 2008
1861-v16 CMS Pixel DCS PVSS Project Christian Veelken Controls
29 Mar 2008
493-v2 FPix DCS subgroup report Lucien Cremaldi et al. Controls
12 Oct 2005
538-v2 DCS Testbeam / SiDet activities Christian Veelken et al. Controls
04 Nov 2005

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