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CMS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
570-v5 Site Visit: SNS Elliott McCrory Site Visits
CMS Centres Worldwide
28 Apr 2010
1670-v11 LHC@FNAL Status Report Bill Badgett et al. Technical
CMS detector
Workgroup: Outreach
Workgroup: FESS
Workgroup: LHC
Workgroup: CMS
03 Nov 2007
1098-v1 System Management Elliott McCrory Technical
06 Jul 2006
1057-v15 EPAC06 paper and poster on LHC@FNAL Kurt Biery et al. Technical
CMS detector
21 Jun 2006
165-v46 LHC@FNAL Requirements Document Erik E Gottschalk et al. Requirements
24 Mar 2006
830-v1 MDSplus meeting with Tom Fredian Elliott McCrory Pixel Databases
17 Mar 2006
761-v2 SPS from LHC@FNAL Elliott McCrory Accelerator
23 Feb 2006
455-v1 Overview of documents databases and web pages for LARP Elliott McCrory Software
06 Oct 2005
128-v8 Scenario: LHC Beam Study Elliott McCrory Scenarios
20 Jul 2005

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