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6057-v4 CHEP 2012 PAPER -- A new Information Architecture, Website and Services for the CMS Experiment Eleanor M Rusack et al. Outreach and Education
Communications Group
Presentations for Outreach
Publications for Outreach
Information Systems
Communications Infrastructure
27 Sep 2012
5529-v5 Google Earth Story: Computing Grid David Barney et al. Outreach and Education
Communications Infrastructure
20 Sep 2012
6147-v2 CMS Statistics Eleanor M Rusack Communications Group
13 Jul 2012
5670-v1 Trial Google Earth movie of Worldwide Computing Grid Eleanor M Rusack Movies for Outreach
06 Nov 2011
3021-v3 Welcome to CMS DocDB - Explanations and helpful tips David Barney et al. Communications Group
05 Nov 2010

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