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CMS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
13949-v1 CMS Upgrade Coordination Organigram Tommaso Boccali et al. Upgrades
Upgrades - Phase 2
Management and Planning
17 Jan 2020
12599-v1 Tracker Poster 2013 Frank Hartmann et al. Publications for Outreach
09 Jul 2018
12082-v2 Posters produced for the Open Days 2013 - CERN - LHC - CMS - Physics Various Authors et al. Outreach and Education
27 Sep 2013
12031-v2 Materials for CMS TRACKER POSTER (CMS POSTER 7.3) Various Authors et al. Publications for Outreach
19 Aug 2013
11975-v1 Particle Detection: Detectors, an international and interdisciplinary field Frank Hartmann Presentations for Outreach
22 Jul 2013
5669-v22 Pixel Phase 1 Upgrade TDR Aaron Dominguez et al. TDR
09 Nov 2012
4653-v2 Strip Tracker Weekly Planning Erik Manuel Butz et al. Coordination
Silicon Strip Operations
19 Apr 2011

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