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11722-v1 Presentation on CERN, experiments and physics for schools Non-CMS Author Outreach and Education
Communications Group
Presentations for Outreach
09 Jul 2018
6040-v1 En direct du Point 5 - article from Cessy Newsletter Non-CMS Author Visits
Outreach and Education
15 May 2012
5699-v1 Feedback from Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) Conference in Geneva Non-CMS Author Outreach and Education
05 Dec 2011
2889-v2 ECAL Institution Board Constitution Non-CMS Author ECAL Management
29 Oct 2010
2884-v1 VCSEL radiation results with 20 MeV neutrons Non-CMS Author et al. ECAL Irradiation Tests
06 Sep 2010
2703-v1 VME64, VME64x BASE STANDARDS Non-CMS Author VME crates
03 Aug 2010
2704-v1 VMEbus Mechanical Standards Non-CMS Author VME crates
03 Aug 2010
2705-v1 Standards relating to VMEbus Non-CMS Author VME crates
03 Aug 2010
2706-v1 Mezzanine Standards VMEbus Non-CMS Author VME crates
03 Aug 2010
2709-v1 Standards for the development of mechanical structures for electronic equipment Non-CMS Author VME crates
03 Aug 2010
2708-v1 Standards for Dimensions of Mechanical Structures of the 482.6 mm (19 in) series Non-CMS Author VME crates
03 Aug 2010
2593-v1 CERN Control Centre Design Ergonomics Non-CMS Author CMS Centre @ CERN
CMS Centres Worldwide
27 May 2010
536-v1 Floor Plan for the Hubble Space Telescope Control Room at STScI Non-CMS Author Site Visits
CMS Centres Worldwide
28 Apr 2010
1822-v1 LHC@FNAL Posters Non-CMS Author Workgroup: FESS
31 Jul 2007
1696-v1 Passing the Baton: Tevatron-LHC Team Non-CMS Author Workgroup: Outreach
14 May 2007
964-v1 Proposed Network Configuration for LHC@FNAL Non-CMS Author Technical
22 Apr 2007
1067-v1 Images for David Schissel Non-CMS Author CMS detector
23 Jun 2006
948-v1 Three color schemes for LHC@FNAL Non-CMS Author Workgroup: FESS
01 May 2006
944-v1 Revealing the Hidden Nature of Space and Time Non-CMS Author Reports
29 Apr 2006
935-v4 Fermilab colors Non-CMS Author Workgroup: FESS
27 Apr 2006
934-v1 Shared Display Wall Based Collaboration Environment in the Control Room of the DIII-D National Fusion Facility Non-CMS Author Technical
26 Apr 2006
449-v2 HMX2000 Calibration Data Non-CMS Author Forward
10 Apr 2006
535-v1 Status of the use of Large-Scale CORBA-Distributed Software Framework for NIF Controls Non-CMS Author Technical
02 Nov 2005
534-v1 Shot Automation for the National Ignition Facility NIF Non-CMS Author Technical
02 Nov 2005
533-v1 Status of the National Ignition Facility and Control System Non-CMS Author Technical
02 Nov 2005
513-v1 Possible layout for LHC@FNAL Non-CMS Author Cost & Schedule
20 Oct 2005
501-v1 Orchestrating the World's Most Powerful Laser Non-CMS Author Site Visits
14 Oct 2005
368-v1 Report from the July 21, 2005 Review Non-CMS Author et al. Requirements
23 Aug 2005
330-v1 CNIC - Computing and Network Infrastructure for Controls Non-CMS Author CMS detector
04 Aug 2005
127-v1 Report of the LHC Computing Grid Project (RTAG 12: Collaborative Tools) Non-CMS Author Requirements
24 May 2005
111-v1 Fermilab Today Article for May 19, 2005 Non-CMS Author None
19 May 2005
73-v1 Report on Previous Remote Operations Workshops & REAP Working Group Non-CMS Author Accelerator
06 May 2005

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