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Full Title: FPIX Test Meeting
Date & Time: 02 Dec 2005 at 13:00
Event Location: SiDet Conference Room, ESNET-85fpix
Event Info: Hello FPix people,

We need to finalize our testing procedures for the plaquettes and panels at Fermilab. To this end, I would like to have two meetings where we can discuss in detail our current procedures and any changes we need or would like to make.

The first meeting will take place this week, on Friday, Dec 2, from 1:00-3:00pm. We will do this via video. In this first meeting we can go over our current procedures. We expect to have talks from Dario, Mike/Sudhir, and Petra/Gino *detailing* the current testing procedures.

The video connection will be over ad-hoc ip on 85fpix (853749).

Then, we will have a followup meeting where most of the testing personnel can be physically present at SiDet. We could have our meeting in the morning and have access to the actual testing hardware if needed. In this meeting I would like to come as close as possible to our final plan and document it. This meeting will take place sometime on Dec 13-15, most likely Dec 14.

Anyone from the CMS pixel project is invited.


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610-v1 The proposed test-stand at Sidet for plaquettes characterization Dario L. Menasce et al. Plaquettes
03 Apr 2006

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